Budgeting, Design, and Building Methods – EP2: Getting Started with Your Tiny House

Welcome to the second episode of our series, where we dive into essential aspects of your tiny house journey. From budgeting wisely to crafting an efficient layout and selecting the right building method, OKG Unihome is here to guide you every step of the way. Segment 1: Mastering Tiny House Budgeting Basics Building a tiny […]

10 Essential Tips to Achieve Muji Minimalist Living Room Style

Muji interior design embodies simplicity, functionality, and craftsmanship, drawing from Japanese Zen philosophy to cultivate a serene ambiance. With a focus on minimalism, Muji creates cozy and balanced living spaces that embrace open areas and reduce clutter. Yet, mastering the Muji look necessitates a delicate balance. While decluttering is crucial, an excessively sterile environment should […]

Exploring Different Types of Autogate Motor Systems

An autogate is an automatic gate installation designed to open and close gates effortlessly. This innovation brings convenience to car owners and households alike, allowing you to control gate access as you enter or exit your home. Commercial autogate devices operate remotely, enabling you to use a remote control from inside your house or your […]

Effective Rooftop Waterproofing: Expert Tips from OKG Unihome

As a leading contracting company committed to providing top-notch solutions for all your roofing needs, OKG Unihome is here to guide you through the essential steps of achieving effective rooftop waterproofing. When it comes to protecting your property from the elements, a sturdy and well-maintained roof is of utmost importance. Our experienced team of professionals […]

Types of Indoor Landscaping – Design Ideas for a Lively Space

Discover the captivating world of indoor landscaping, where nature’s beauty seamlessly blends with architectural design. Indoor landscapes play a pivotal role in connecting living spaces with the tranquility of nature, elevating the ambiance and fostering a sustainable environment. Dive into the different types of indoor landscaping and read on. Why Indoor Landscaping? Indoor landscapes infuse […]

Goals & Legal Considerations – EP1: Getting Started with Your Tiny House

Welcome to the first episode of our series on tiny homes! Here, we will explore the fascinating world of minimalist living and sustainable housing solutions. Tiny homes have become a hot topic worldwide due to their offering of a completely different choice compared to traditional residences. From charming forest cabins to sleek urban dwellings, these […]

How to Find a Reliable Waterproofing Service Company: Expert Tips

Finding a reliable waterproofing service company is essential to ensure the effectiveness and longevity of your waterproofing solutions. When it comes to protecting your home from water damage and leaks, you want to entrust the job to professionals who can deliver high-quality results. Here are some steps you can follow to find the right and […]

Enhance Your Home with Vibrant Indoor Plants: A Beginner’s Guide

Indoor plants are nature’s delightful gift to elevate the beauty of your home, infusing vibrant colors and a breath of fresh air into your living space. Regardless of your gardening experience, don’t fret – we’ve curated a selection of 12 plants perfect for beginners. These green companions require minimal care and attention, making them an […]

Aluminum Composite Roofs: The Durable, Eco-Friendly Choice for Your Home

Discover the rising popularity of aluminum composite roofs, a durable, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly roofing option. In this comprehensive blog post, explore the many advantages of aluminum composite roofs and understand why they make a perfect choice for your home. What is an Aluminum Composite Roof? An aluminum composite roof is a cutting-edge roofing system […]




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