Case Study: Solving Severe Leakage Issues with a Double Roof System

In the realm of home improvement, persistent water leakage can be one of the most frustrating challenges a homeowner faces. Such was the situation for one of our clients, whose home was plagued by severe water leakage problems due to previous roof installation issues.

Despite numerous attempts to rectify the situation, the issues continued to persist, causing significant distress for the homeowner. Desperate for a solution, the client discovered OKG UNIHOME’s services online and decided to reach out to us for assistance. Known for our innovative and effective solutions, our team eagerly accepted the challenge.

After conducting a comprehensive and complimentary inspection of the property, we provided the client with a detailed report outlining the extent of the leakage problem and the necessary steps for resolution. It became evident that the root cause of the issue lay in the unprofessional installation of the roof.

Despite initial reservations, the client, reassured by our BUILD ON ROOF-DOUBLE ROOF SYSTEM design and services, as well as the assurance of a warranty period, decided to place their trust in us.

Our dedicated team immediately set to work, addressing the issue at its core. We proposed and subsequently installed a double roof system on the unit house, providing a long-lasting solution to the persistent leakage problems that had been haunting the homeowner.

As the project progressed, our client witnessed a remarkable transformation of their home. The once-persistent leakage issues were now history, offering peace of mind for the homeowner.


This case study exemplifies OKG UNIHOME’s unwavering commitment to delivering effective, reliable, and enduring solutions, even in the face of the most challenging home issues. Through the construction of a double roof system, we not only resolved the homeowner’s problems but also brought them the peace of mind they rightfully deserved.

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