Home Plus: Mengilhami Inovasi dan Transformasi

Dalam dunia yang sentiasa bergerak pantas pada masa kini, konsep “rumah” telah berkembang melebihi dimensinya yang fizikal. OKG UNIHOME mengenal pasti keperluan untuk satu ruang yang melampaui sempadan antara rumah dan tempat kerja, menjadikan projek Home Plus – Tiny Home pada tahun 2020. Bahagian 1 dalam siri blog ini membawa anda melalui asal-usul konsep berwawasan […]

Home Plus: Unlocking MI-HOME – Modern Minimalist Living in a Tiny Space (Part 2)

MI-HOME Models In our relentless pursuit of minimalist aesthetics, the OKG UNIHOME team didn’t stop at crafting our HOME PLUS – MI-HOME models; we pushed the boundaries of interior design. MI-HOME, these compact abodes, come in two distinctive styles: Model 1 (30′ x 10′) and Model 2 (40′ x 10′). Notably, Model 2 boasts an […]

Tiny house under the sun

Home Plus: Inspiring Innovation and Transformation (Part 1)

In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of “home” has evolved beyond its physical dimensions. OKG UNIHOME recognized this need for a space transcending the boundaries of home and workplace, giving birth to the Home Plus – Tiny Home project in 2020. Part 1 of this blog series takes you on a journey through the origins […]

Permits, Timeline, and Moving In – EP4: Getting Started with Your Tiny House

Welcome back to the exciting journey of building your dream tiny house with the guidance of OKG Unihome! In this last episode, we’ll delve into the vital aspects of securing permits, creating a construction timeline, and the thrilling process of finally moving into your meticulously crafted tiny home. Let’s embark on these final steps towards […]

Utilities, Safety, and Interior Finishes – EP3: Getting Started with Your Tiny House

Welcome back to our Tiny Home Adventure! In this exciting episode, we’re delving into the crucial aspects of utilities, safety, and interior finishes that will transform your tiny home into a haven of functionality and aesthetics. Join us as we explore these essential elements that play a pivotal role in creating a remarkable tiny living […]

Budgeting, Design, and Building Methods – EP2: Getting Started with Your Tiny House

Welcome to the second episode of our series, where we dive into essential aspects of your tiny house journey. From budgeting wisely to crafting an efficient layout and selecting the right building method, OKG Unihome is here to guide you every step of the way. Segment 1: Mastering Tiny House Budgeting Basics Building a tiny […]

Goals & Legal Considerations – EP1: Getting Started with Your Tiny House

Welcome to the first episode of our series on tiny homes! Here, we will explore the fascinating world of minimalist living and sustainable housing solutions. Tiny homes have become a hot topic worldwide due to their offering of a completely different choice compared to traditional residences. From charming forest cabins to sleek urban dwellings, these […]

Tiny House Movement: Exploring Benefits and Ideal Size

In recent years, the tiny house movement has been gaining momentum, offering an alternative and minimalist lifestyle to those seeking to downsize their living spaces. Tiny homes are compact dwellings that prioritize functionality and efficiency over excess space. Whether you’re looking to reduce your ecological footprint or simply embrace a more straightforward way of living, […]

Exploring the Diversity of Tiny Homes: Embracing Compact Living

In recent years, the popularity of tiny homes has soared as people seek alternative housing options that promote simplicity, sustainability, and financial freedom. These small and efficient dwellings offer a range of styles and designs to accommodate different preferences and needs. Let’s delve into the fascinating world of tiny homes and explore the various types […]

Benefits of Tiny Houses – Compact Living with Big Advantages

In recent years, the rise of tiny houses has captured the attention of many, becoming a favorite housing option for a growing number of people. So, what exactly is driving the popularity of these tiny houses? Let’s explore the key benefits of tiny houses and why they have become a preferred choice for many individuals. […]




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