Exploring Different Types of Autogate Motor Systems

An autogate is an automatic gate installation designed to open and close gates effortlessly. This innovation brings convenience to car owners and households alike, allowing you to control gate access as you enter or exit your home.

Commercial autogate devices operate remotely, enabling you to use a remote control from inside your house or your car upon arriving home. With a simple button press, you can operate your gate from a distance. Gone are the days of manual gate handling, especially after a tiring day at the office. Rainy weather won’t pose a problem either, as an autogate system makes parking hassle-free.

black luxury autogate of a house

While many perceive automated gate systems as luxuries, they offer essential benefits that make them a necessity for every home.

Beyond the convenience, autogates enhance property security by limiting gate access through remote control, reducing the risk of unauthorized entry. They instill a sense of assurance in the safety and protection of your residence.

Exploring Different Autogate Systems

Several autogate systems exist, each catering to specific needs. The available types include:

  1. Sliding Autogate – This system uses a motor to slide the gate horizontally, either left or right.
  2. Swing Arm Autogate (Folding Gate): Operated by a motor-controlled arm, this system opens the gate inward or outward.
  3. Mounted-Pillar Autogate (Swing/Fold Gate): Similar to the swing arm type, this system attaches the gate to a pillar. Ideal for swing or fold gates, with fold gates typically having 3-meter leaves for optimal functionality.
  4. Underground Motor Autogate (Swing Gate): This system employs an underground motor for gates that swing upward or downward. The motor remains hidden, requiring no modifications to the gate structure.

Choosing the Right Autogate System: A Buyer’s Guide

Before selecting an autogate system, familiarize yourself with your gate’s mechanics and measurements. First-time buyers can consider reputable brands such as OAE and SGmatic. Consider the following checklist to make an informed decision:

Gate Mechanics: Swing, Fold or Slide?

  1. Swing Gates: Operate similarly to home doors, opening inward or outward.
  2. Slide Gates: Equipped with wheels and tracks, they open from side to side.
  3. Folding Gates (Bi-Fold): Often featuring two smaller leaves, they open at the center, sometimes with incorporated wheels for smoother movement.

STILL CONFUSING ? For Kelantan Residents: Optimize Your Autogate System

If you reside in Kelantan, explore autogate solutions at OKG Unihome. We recommend the Aluminium Trackless Autogate, which eliminates the need for tracks at your property’s entrance. This prevents surface damage and simplifies cleaning. Our priority is your safety; that’s why we offer an affordable and convenient solution for a secure and automated gate system.

In conclusion, autogate systems not only provide convenience but also enhance security. Select the right autogate type based on your needs and property specifications. For reliable autogate solutions in Kelantan, visit OKG Unihome and discover the Aluminium Trackless Autogate advantage.




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