Exploring Luxurious Gates: Types, Pros & Cons

Entering your property through a gate, whether on foot or in a vehicle, has a luxurious feeling. There are several types of gates for homes on the market, each with its own style and function. Whether you’re installing a gate for security at your driveway entrance or to add a bit of whimsy to your garden, read through the types of gates before contacting a pro.

1. Sliding Gate

 A blue sliding gate

Photo: OceanProd / Adobe Stock

A sliding gate opens as the name implies—one gate slides to the side or two gates slide to their respective sides. These types of gates typically use wheels that slide in a track to move from side to side

Sliding gates are ideal for driveways or properties that don’t have enough space for a swinging or folding gate


  • Takes up less space
  • Lightweight and easy to operate
  • Harder to break into due to size


  • Requires track maintenance, like cleaning debris and lubrication
  • Must have room on the side for the fence when it slides

2. Swing Gate

A black double swing gate

Photo: Tom / Adobe Stock

A swing gate opens similarly to a door with vertical hinges. One or two gates swing open to allow people or vehicles to enter a property. Swings gates offer a luxurious look and feel for homeowners who want to make a grand entrance to their homes.


  • Unique and high-end look
  • Very quiet operation
  • Minimal maintenance required


  • Requires a larger driveway space (for double doors)
  • More expensive

3. Bi-Fold Gate

bi-fold gate with wooden panel

A bi-fold gate has two panels that fold together when opened, similar to a bi-folding door. The gate can feature one section with two panels or two sections with four panels. Bi-fold gates tend to be fairly compact as the panels fold up next to each other.


  • Takes up less space than swinging gates
  • Opens faster than other options
  • Available without a track


  • Not as attractive
  • Harder to install

4. Vertical Gate

opened vertical gate

Vertical-style gates open vertically and come in two different types: vertical lift or vertical pivot. Both types of vertical gates do not take up a lot of space, unlike a swinging gate.


  • Space saving 
  • Fits into areas where a sliding or swing gate won’t 


  • Requires enough vertical clearance 
  • Cannot install near trees 

5. Pedestrian Gate

A wooden pedestrian gate

Photo: Dimitrios / Adobe Stock

Keep in mind that gates for your home are not exclusively for vehicles. Pedestrian gates are essential if your home is accessible by foot traffic. This type of gate will also act as part of the fencing system around your home, and there are various opening mechanisms to choose from.


  • Allows for easier sidewalk access
  • Enhanced privacy without limiting accessibility
  • Increased security against foot traffic 


  • More expensive
  • Requires more installation space

6. Automatic Gate

The mechanism of an automated gate

Photo: Patryk Kosmider / Adobe Stock

An automatic gate welcomes you home with ease, operating the gates through a motion sensor or electronic device or smartphone activation. Most automatic gates have the option to be opened manually, in case of a power outage.


  • Added convenience
  • Better security
  • Improved curb appeal 
  • Increased property value


  • Usually requires an electrician for installation 
  • Most expensive option

7. Double Gate

A wide open white double gate

Two is always better than one, right? With a double gate, you can choose whether to open both sides or one side at a time.


  • Better for wider vehicles
  • Better for wider driveways
  • More traditional look and feel


  • Requires more hardware and maintenance
  • Requires two motors

8. Retractable Gate 

white color retractable gate

Consider a retractable gate if you don’t want or need a permanent gate type. Retractable gates are useful when you need a simple way to keep kids or pets in an area without installing a permanent solution.


  • Easy to use
  • Portable
  • Low cost


  • Not a great permanent solution
  • No automatic option
  • Not the most attractive

9. Yard or Garden Gate

wooden yard gate

Add an extra level of charm to your yard or garden with a gate. Whether or not you have a fence, this type of gate can be a great way to create a grand entrance to your outdoor space.


  • Adds extra charm to your outdoor space
  • Very versatile
  • Relatively affordable


  • Not suitable for adding security 
  • Sometimes an unnecessary purchase

After the above explanation of all kinds of gates, we are here to introduce the best Auto Gate solution:


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The aluminum trackless auto gate was built to reduce or fully minimize the damage that regular gates do to the floor over the years. Having a Trackless folding gate is an excellent way to safeguard your building against threats.

It’s sturdy and stylish features cannot be overstated. The importance of trackless folding gates for contemporary buildings cannot be overemphasized. They not only enhance convenience but also instantly add a modern feel to the entire outlook for the house.

Designed to function effectively, even in the harsh weather conditions of Malaysia, the trackless gate is an excellent choice for you. In addition to this, it requires minimal maintenance. This gives the gate smoother movements and couple that with adjustable hinges, it’s more than enough to significantly reduce sinking even after several years.


  • NO track & roller
  • Easy cleaning for car porch’s floor
  • Weatherproof fully coating
  • Modern long-lasting looks
  • Free from rusty


  • NIL

OKG Unihome provides the finest aluminum trackless folding gate to residential and commercial buildings to home and business in Malaysia.

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