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Home Plus: Inspiring Innovation and Transformation (Part 1)

In today’s fast-paced world, the concept of “home” has evolved beyond its physical dimensions. OKG UNIHOME recognized this need for a space transcending the boundaries of home and workplace, giving birth to the Home Plus – Tiny Home project in 2020. Part 1 of this blog series takes you on a journey through the origins of this visionary concept and its transformation into a remarkable reality.

The Birth of a Vision:

At the heart of the Home Plus – Tiny Home project lies the creation of a space offering individuals a “third place,” a sanctuary that stretches beyond the confines of home and office—an abundant source of inspiration. From initial brainstorming to continuous team collaborations and comprehensive research, the foundation of this vision began to take shape. From the earliest spark of an idea to meticulous layout design, material selection, and cost analysis, every aspect was sculpted with precision.

Overcoming Challenges:

No journey unfolds without its share of challenges. The unexpected eruption of a pandemic followed by restrictive measures profoundly impacted the project’s progress. However, challenges are the crucible of determination, and despite the headwinds, the team’s indomitable spirit persevered.

Setting the Wheels in Motion:

Having conquered numerous obstacles, by the end of 2022, the project gained momentum as construction commenced within our dedicated facility. Every step taken was imbued with meticulous planning—from dimensions and weight considerations to insulation, waterproofing, drainage solutions, and logistics. Each element underwent rigorous assessment, ensuring the project’s integrity and feasibility.

Harmonizing with Culture:

A pivotal aspect of this endeavor was the seamless integration of the final design within the cultural and geographical context. Establishing a profound connection with the local surroundings was paramount to crafting a Tiny Home that resonates with the very essence of the community it is destined to serve.

Unveiling the Mi-Home:

The culmination of unwavering dedication and visionary innovation materialized in the completion of the inaugural model of OKG UNIHOME’s Tiny Home—the Mi-Home. April 2023 marked the moment when a fleeting dream solidified into tangible reality. This milestone ushered in a new chapter, with Home Plus – Tiny Home serving as a testament to the triumphant union of perseverance and foresight.


Home Plus – Tiny Home isn’t merely an architectural endeavor; it signifies the birth of an entirely new domain—a realm nurturing creativity, enabling relaxation, and igniting inspiration. Part 1 of this series encapsulates the passion and unwavering commitment that brought us to this juncture. Stay tuned for Part 2, where we delve deeper into the distinctive features of the Mi-Home.

At OKG Unihome, we eagerly anticipate introducing you to a realm where innovation and space converge. Stay updated by following us on Facebook to witness the unfolding of the Home Plus – Tiny Home project.

Join us in witnessing this extraordinary journey! If you have any inquiries or thoughts to share, please feel free to reach out. Anticipate Part 2!




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