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Is the weather too hot for you, even though the air conditioner is still left open?

Staying cool in a hot weather can be a multifaceted challenge. It can exacerbate certain illnesses such as dehydration, stroke, stress, cramps, exhaustion, tension and even frustration. Luckily for the ever-growing world of technology, this problem can be fixed.

For most of us out there, when we think about home cooling, the first thing that comes to mind is getting an air conditioner. However, there are plenty of various methods to buffer your home from heat aside from the traditional air conditioner.

Are you spending too much money because the air conditioner needs fixing all the time?

The consumption of energy for air conditioning accounts for more than electricity produced from all domestic purposes that runs with electricity at the cost of RM15 billion from home owners.

A switch to a more highly-efficient method and application of a cooling mechanism that produces results that resembles or supplements an air conditioner, could diminish the energy consumption thus reducing the cost of electrical expenses.

Here in OKG UniHome, we provide effective and eco-friendly home cooling solutions that best fits your needs!

Our Methods

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Roof Ventilation

Houses or Commercial Buildings with a proper airflow can help to extend the building lifespan. With a good roof ventilator and air circulation, they can remove hot air heat and humidity from your roof and increase the fresh air into your building. Choose an option from our choice of UniHome air circulation product range to best suit your needs. Read more

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Roof Insulation

Proper thermal roof insulation and reflective coatings in subtropical and equatorial climate regions houses in Malaysia can help to save cooling energy and reduce your electricity bill. With a professionally installation of roof insulation, your house is not just insulated from heat and hot air, buy comfortable too!
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Air Circulation

Good air circulation removes impurities, regulate building temperature, prevent mold and most importantly, creates a pleasant and safe breathing environment for your family. On the other hand, houses with stagnant air can affect your health. Let’s create a healthier home by consulting our smart home experts to get fresh air flowing again. Read more

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effective and eco-friendly home cooling solutions that best fits your needs

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