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Kitchen Storage Ideas

Super Useful Kitchen Storage Ideas

To keep your kitchen clean and organized, proper storage is essential. Today, I’ll teach you a few kitchen storage ideas and tricks. The kitchen storage areas are mainly divided into wall unit cabinets, tabletop, and base unit cabinets. Learning to plan storage according to different areas will make our cooking tasks much more efficient.

Wall Unit Cabinet Storage
clear glass cabinets in kitchen

Wall unit cabinets are located at a higher level, making it less convenient to retrieve items. Therefore, it is suitable for storing lightweight, easy-to-reach, and safe items. Taking a typical 700mm-800mm high wall unit cabinet as an example, the internal is usually divided into upper and lower sections.

▼ Wall Unit Cabinet (Upper section) ▼

The upper section is usually between 1.9m-2.25m high, which is quite tall. For an average adult woman (1.6m), it requires tiptoeing or reaching out to touch the middle shelf of the wall unit cabinet. Therefore, it is suitable for storing “lightweight” items with low frequency of use, such as grains, snacks, dried goods, tea leaves, and other items.

It is important to note that grains, snacks, dried goods, and tea leaves can be quite fragmented. If they are haphazardly arranged, it becomes difficult to retrieve items from the depths of the cabinet. This is where storage tools that can “organize the fragments” come in handy.

01. Use storage boxes with handles

Using transparent storage boxes with front handles can help organize the fragmented items. They are transparent, allowing visibility, and they are also sealed and moisture-proof, keeping the items fresh. With these boxes, you only need to touch the external handle to retrieve the entire box, eliminating the need to rummage through every time you need something.

storage box with handles
storage box with handles

Choose storage boxes from the same brand and series, with flat lids, to achieve stackable storage and maximize space utilization. Store large storage boxes with front handles in the upper section of the wall unit cabinet, use combination storage boxes in the lower section, place tall storage boxes in the back row, and shorter ones in the front row. Attach labels to the boxes for clearer identification, making it more efficient to find items.

storage box with handles

02. Use floating shelves or extendable rods

Utilize the excess vertical space inside the cabinet with floating shelves, extendable rods, or other storage tools. These can separate and make the most of the fragmented space, while organizing miscellaneous kitchen items.

floating shelves

▼Wall Unit Cabinet (Lower Section)▼

The lower section of the wall unit cabinet is generally at a height of about 1.55m-1.9m, easily reachable for most adults. Therefore, it is suitable for storing frequently used items such as seasonings and snacks.

wall cabinets with condiments
cabinets with different baskets and condiments

Table Top and Backsplash Wall

The tabletop is the central area of the kitchen and its primary function is food preparation. Therefore, it is important to have enough space for meal preparation. Condiments, utensils, pot lids, knives, cutting boards, and other items are suitable for wall-mounted storage to maximize the use of wall space and maintain a tidy work area.

table top in kitchen
01. Use horizontal bars and S-hooks

Combining horizontal bars with S-hooks allows you to store items on the wall. This instantly declutters the tabletop, making your cooking workflow more efficient. Don’t be afraid of drilling holes; you can easily install them using “expansion plugs and screws.”

kitchen horizontal bar to store items on wall

Note: Avoid using suction cups or adhesive hooks as they have lower weight capacity and durability.

02. Use wall-mounted storage components

Hang knives, cutting boards, and condiments on the wall to free up space on the tabletop

wall mounted storage in kitchen
knife hanging on wall mounted storage in kitchen

03. Use floating shelves
fruits and vegetables handing on floating shelves

Install floating shelves underneath to store additional items such as non-perishable fruits and vegetables or kitchen supplies. This greatly frees up space in the refrigerator.

Base Unit Cabinet

kitchen base cabinets with plates

Base unit cabinets are more convenient to access and are suitable for storing “heavy” and commonly used items such as rice, flour, oil, spices, pots, and dishes.

Note: It is preferable to design base unit cabinets with drawer layouts for easy visibility and access to items. Additionally, storing dishes vertically makes it convenient to retrieve any dish without hassle.

01. Use dividers for organization

Use dividers to separate different utensils, allowing for a systematic arrangement. This eliminates the need to rummage through everything to find what you need. Seeing neatly organized utensils can also have a soothing effect.

utensils dividers in kitchen

Dividers can also be used to store pots and pans vertically. This not only maximizes space utilization but also facilitates easy access. Avoid stacking items on top of each other to ensure that each item can be retrieved independently, increasing efficiency.

pot and pans dividers in kitchen
pot and pans dividers in kitchen

02. Use long, rectangular drawer organizers

If your cabinets do not have drawer, you can use drawer type organizers. Simply pull them out to easily find the desired item. They not only provide convenience but also create separated spaces, keeping the storage area tidy and maximizing its use.

drawer organizer in kitchen

03. Use sink storage racks

The space below the sink is often irregular due to the presence of drain pipes, water filters, garbage disposals, and other items. Sink storage racks are perfect for organizing this area. They can flexibly fit around pipes, making the most of every inch of space.

storage under sink in kitchen

Note: Since this area is prone to moisture, it’s best to store items that are not affected by dampness, such as garbage bags, colanders, cleaning agents, and spare cloths.

Other Corner In The Kitchen

01. Use magnetic storage racks on the refrigerator side
magnetic storage rack in kitchen storing condiments and napkins

The side of the refrigerator is also a great place for storage. You can use magnetic storage racks to store items like plastic wrap, sandwich bags, and kitchen paper. This also frees up space in the cabinets, allowing for better organization inside.

02. Utilize narrow storage cabinets

Every inch of space in the kitchen should be utilized, including the gaps between the refrigerator and cabinets. Install narrow storage cabinets to store ingredients like garlic, ginger, as well as cleaning agents and shopping bags.

narrow storage cabinets between tabletop and fridge

Kitchen storage may seem easy or challenging, but with the right methods, it becomes achievable. Good storage solutions not only accommodate our habits but also help cultivate better lifestyle habits. So, let’s embrace the art of organization in our kitchens and enjoy the benefits of a clean and efficient cooking space.

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