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Stay Cool and Save Energy with Effective Roof Insulation Methods


When living in Malaysia’s year-round hot climate, keeping your home cool becomes a top priority. The scorching sun beating down on your roof can turn your living space into an oven, making it challenging to find relief even in the evenings. Opening windows and using fans can only do so much, and running the air conditioner constantly can lead to soaring electricity bills. In this article, we will share three effective methods to help you stay cool under your roof while saving energy and even earning passive income.

Method 1: Heat Insulation Paint for Roof Cooling

One affordable and straightforward solution is using heat insulation paint. This unique paint is a polymer that can be sprayed onto various roof materials, forming a thermal insulation layer. Heat insulation paint not only helps in reducing heat transfer but also provides a waterproofing effect. The best part is that you can easily apply it yourself, or you can hire OKG Unihome for professional assistance.

  • Cost-Effective and Versatile:

Heat insulation paint is reasonably priced, with an average cost per square feet ranging between RM5 and RM6. It is available in different materials, including ceramics, mica, and resin, each offering varying levels of sunlight reflectivity. Some heat insulation paints also include additional materials like waterproof glue and water-based PU for enhanced waterproofing.

  • Application Process:

To apply heat insulation paint, start by cleaning the roof surface to remove dirt, sand, and moss. This ensures better adhesion and extends the paint’s lifespan. Next, apply a layer of waterproof primer followed by the heat insulation paint. For optimal results, apply a second layer of paint in the opposite direction of the first layer. The service life of heat insulation paint can reach up to eight years with regular maintenance.

Method 2: Double Roof Construction for Enhanced Insulation

Another effective method is the installation of a double roof. This involves building a heat-insulated layer over your existing roof, creating a ventilation gap between the old and new roofs. The double roof not only provides insulation but also addresses issues like roof leaks and rust.

  • Cost and Materials:

The cost of a double roof construction varies based on the condition of your existing roof and the chosen materials. Typically, the cost is around RM8-9 per square feet. Iron sheet is commonly used as the primary material, but options like stainless steel, aluminum zinc, and galvanized materials are available for a higher price.

  • Installation Process:

Before building the double roof, assess and repair the existing roof as needed. Then, construct the new roof, ensuring there is proper ventilation space between the old and new roofs. Consider adding a heat insulation layer in between to enhance the insulation effect. With proper maintenance, the double roof can last for over 10 years.

Method 3: Solar Roof for Cooling and Power Generation

For those seeking an advanced solution, a solar roof offers excellent insulation and multiple benefits. A solar roof not only helps to keep your home cool but also beautifies the roof, provides waterproofing, and generates electricity that can be sold for income.

  • Solar Roof Setting Conditions:

Installing a solar roof requires assessing several factors. Ensure that your roof receives ample sunlight without shading from nearby structures, and it should be free from water leaks, awnings, or iron sheets. Additionally, the roof structure should be strong enough to support the weight of solar panels. Proper documentation, such as land and building certificates, is required for the application process. OKG Unihome can assist you in conducting an environmental assessment and guide you through the necessary paperwork.

  • Cost and Materials:

While the cost of a solar roof installation is relatively higher, the investment can be recovered in approximately five years. The primary materials used in a solar roof are solar panels and associated equipment required for power generation.

  • Installation Process:

OKG Unihome will evaluate your roof’s condition and suitability for a solar roof installation. If deemed feasible, they will handle the structural strengthening, roof height adjustments, and solar system installation at no additional cost to you. The service life of solar panels exceeds 20 years, and ongoing maintenance and operation are typically covered by the green electricity provider.

  • Benefits:

A solar roof offers exceptional thermal insulation, reducing indoor temperatures by around 3 to 5 degrees Celsius. This not only save on air conditioning costs but also extends the lifespan of your roof’s waterproof layer. Additionally, a solar roof generates green energy, allowing you to sell excess electricity to the grid and earn income. It’s a high-value solution that combines insulation, energy savings, and environmental sustainability.


When it comes to staying cool under your roof in Malaysia’s hot climate, implementing effective insulation methods is crucial. Whether you opt for heat insulation paint, double roof construction, or a solar roof, each method offers unique advantages in terms of affordability, insulation performance, and additional benefits like waterproofing and power generation. Contact OKG Unihome today for professional advice and assistance in choosing the right solution for your home. Stay cool, save on energy costs, and contribute to a greener future with a well-insulated roof.

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